Daily Telegraph Poll 18th - 22nd May

Our poll suggests Brexit is looking progressively less likely as more voters are deciding to vote 'remain' on June 23rd.

-When asked how they intend to vote on June 23rd, 58% answered that they would vote to remain in the EU, a clear lead over the 38% who would vote to leave. 4% remain undecided.

-Looking only at those voters who say that they will definitely vote in June, the result still appears to be a vote to remain in the EU – 55% say they will vote to remain, while 42% would vote to leave the EU. 3% don’t know how they will vote.

-The majority of those Conservative voters we spoke to appear to support David Cameron’s stance on the EU, with 57% saying they will vote to remain in the EU on the day. 

-A larger majority of Labour and Lib Dem supporters we spoke to said that they will vote to remain (72% and 70% respectively).

Fieldwork was conducted via telephone from the 18th to the 22nd May.

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