Assessing the health of the nation and comparing it with Europe

ORB International as part of WIN/Gallup International conducts a study across 13 countries in Europe that shows in the UK, 3 in 4 consider ourselves to be healthy, yet the World Health Organisation consider 61% of us to be obese

Polling data across the UK highlights significant differences within region while age is also a determining factor in assessment of health in the UK, with the older generations far more likely to believe that they are overweight than the younger.  Those aged 18-24 are least likely to think that they are overweight with just 20% believing they are such; in contrast 52% of those over 65 believe that they are overweight, the highest of any age bracket.

An interesting correlation between education and weight is also identified in the research by ORB International.   Those who have only basic education or no education at all are almost twice as likely (47% compared to 27%) to believe that they are overweight than those who have completed ahigher level of education.

The study by ORB International is part of wider pan-European survey conducted by WIN/Gallup International.  Across Europe it is evident that in general people believe themselves to be in good health (81%) although the extent to which they recognise a potentially unhealthy lifestyle does vary greatly.  Denmark sees itself as the healthiest country surveyed where 92% believe themselves to be generally healthy, in contrast, the Germans believe themselves to be the least healthy with over a third (34%) saying that they are unhealthy.

When looking specifically at diet once again it was Germany that had the highest proportion of people saying that their diet is unhealthy at 44%, while in comparison in Finland 97% of people believe that they have a healthy diet despite the fact that WHO figures show that almost half on Fins (49%) are overweight.

Meanwhile the Italians feel that they require the least change to their current diet with two thirds saying that no change to their eating habits at all is necessary compared to a Europeanaverage of 40%.  Conversely it’s their Mediterranean counterparts in Greece who feel like they should change theirdiets the most with 76% saying they should alter their diet.

ORB International is the UK member of WIN/Gallup International and undertook this research in conjunction with the other European member organisations.

Sample Size and Mode of Field Work:

ORB interviewed a nationally representative sample of 1000 adults across England, Scotland and Wales online between November 22-25 2014. This survey is part of a wider survey conducted among a representative sample of 12,752 adults across 13 countries throughout Europe.

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